Ramshorn View Subdivision, Dubois, Wyoming

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Beautiful, level lots on an elevated bench overlooking the Upper Wind River valley with expansive views of Ramshorn Peak, the Absaroka Mountains and Shoshone National Forest. Less than four miles from town yet private and spacious area. To the south of this  subdivision are a large private ranch, Shoshone National Forest and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands.

Lot 4 is comprised of 8.63 acres and is offered at $173,000.
Teton Board of Realtors MLS #15-2110

Lot 5 is comprised of 8.27 acres and is offered at $175,000.
Teton Board of Realtors MLS #15-2109

Ramshorn View subdivision is properly named for the incredible views of the Absaroka Mountain Range and Ramshorn Peak. It is located 4 miles west of Dubois.  The Dubois Municipal Airport is approximately 1/2 mile to the east. The lots are level with water rights making the lots desirable to raise horses and construct a quality home.

Dubois has been voted one of the “Best Rural Towns” by American Cowboy magazine

Dubois offers a medical clinic, physical fitness center, grocery store, library, numerous dude ranches and a municipal airport. It is also home to the National Big Horn Sheep Interpretive Center, Dubois Museum, and the Headwaters Arts and Conference Center.

Commercial air service is available through Jackson and Riverton less than 100 miles away.

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FOR 2017

SOLD Lot 3

Lot 4  — $ 379

Lot 5 — $ 371

Ten reason to Own Property in Wyoming:

  1. No state income tax: No state tax on personal or corporate income.
  2. Dynasty trusts: You can shield your real estate from federal estate taxes for up to one thousand years. This trust must be administered in Wyoming.
    1. You can establish a trust in Wyoming for the benefit of your family or other beneficiaries.
    2. You can transfer your real estate into a Limited Liability Company or family trust, then, transfer it into the Dynasty Trust–which will continue for one thousand years. This can allow multiple generations to make use of and enjoy the property without having to pay estate taxes.
  3. No inheritance or estate tax: Wyoming repealed its estate tax January 1, 2005.
  4. No state gift tax: Real estate can be gifted to your heirs without having to pay a State gift tax.
  5. No tax on out-of-state retirement income: Wyoming does not tax retirement income which is earned outside of Wyoming.
  6. Low property taxes: Wyoming has low property taxes compared to other states.
  7. No excise taxes: Wyoming does not tax prescription drugs or food for home consumption.
  8. No tax on mineral ownership: Wyoming does not tax mineral ownership.
  9. No intangible taxes: Wyoming does not tax financial assets such as stocks and bonds.
  10. No tax on the sale of real estate

Wyoming has been cited by Bloomberg Wealth Management magazine as the most tax friendly state in the country.

Wyoming is ranked second most tax friendly state by Kiplinger.com

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Ramshorn View subdivision and the surrounding lands, both private and public, provide excellent wildlife habitat and are home to Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, moose, antelope, grizzly and black bears, coyotes and wolves, antelope, foxes, Bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and many more.

 Trophy mule deer can be found in this area most times of the year. 

For the angler, there is excellent fishing in the nearby Wind River and its tributaries—Horse Creek, East Fork, Wiggins Fork–and in numerous mountain streams and lakes such as Brooks Lake, Pelham Lake, Wind River Lake, and Lake of the Woods. Cutthroat, brook, brown, and rainbow trout as well as mountain whitefish offer unlimited opportunities. Boysen Reservoir, 110 miles east, offers excellent year round fishing for many species including walleye, lingcod, perch, bluegills, and bass. To the west, Snake River, Buffalo Fork of the Snake River, Jackson Lake, and the many streams and rivers of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks await

The Upper Wind River Valley offers a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities including horseback riding, hiking, biking, ATV, canoeing, camping, scenic drives, photography, wildlife viewing, big game hunting, fishing, geocaching, and rockhounding. Winter recreation includes ice fishing, snowmobiling, back country skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Nearby Jackson Hole offers alpine skiing at two major resorts and summer whitewater rafting.